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Panama Intermoving & Relocation (PIR) is a company based in Panama City specializing in national and international moves. Our aim is to offer continuous quality and excellence service to guarantee client satisfaction.

Our movers are duly trained and experienced in managing and packaging of fragile or delicate objects; therefore our clients will feel at ease that their goods, whether they are personal or belong to their company, will be safely and adequately managed.

By knowing the procedures and procedures that apply to international services, we optimize the moving times, anticipating the documents and necessary steps in the process. Our removal team is properly trained and has experience in the handling and packaging of fragile or delicate objects, so our customers will have the peace of mind that their personal or business assets will be handled safely and adequately.

Today, after 13 years of experience and a long journey, we are proud to have the support and recognition provided by the FAIM - FIDI certification that guarantees our excellence in the moving industry.

In Panama, only three (3) companies have this accreditation, which provides confidence and security to our international partners and customers.

Customer testimonials

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  • Customer 1

    Doug and Karen:
    Thought I would write to both of you together as you were both involved and both have asked for feedback on our experience with your company. The move was excellent, and so far we are only missing a power cord for my HP Computer and so far no broken items at all. Karen, your guys were great and courteous although we did not use them to unpack our valuables.
    We would use both of your company's again in the event of another move, although I hope that doesn't happen. Moves are never fun, but you guys made it as stress free as possible.
    Thank you and if you have further needs from me let me know. Would be happy to be a reference for you at any time.

  • Customer 2

    5 star service!! I am very impressed and satisfied with your team and the condition of my belongings. They are exactly like they were in Singapore. No claims at all whatsoever. Please have the original invoices delivered to my office address. Once again big thank you to PIR team!! Good luck and god bless!

  • Customer 3

    Good morning, I hope you're well thank you very much for the update of the information, the client still does not have delivery authorization I am going to request the payment now knowing that the cargo has reached its destination.
    I entrust you this client is going through a very difficult and radical change in his life, he is starting from scratch in Spain with his two children, he does not know anyone there, but he has a very positive strength and energy and a desire to move forward very impressive ... if you can help or guide where I could get a house or something to stay economically I would appreciate a million truth you need it ...
    You can offer storage if you do not have where to receive your move for when released from customs would be excellent and it would be wonderful if you can give a super fee .... If you know of any work where she can apply I also thank you, sorry for so much request but really this person needs it .. that you spend happy day
    We'll be in touch .

  • Customer 4

    Let me told you that everything went very well with the moving.
    We appreciate your attention
    And as an observation, the person who came to our house who made the movement of the household, was quite professional. Very helpful, kind, clear in their work and always consulted us "in what else I can serve you". So please extend my thanks and congratulations to the team.
    It should also be noted that throughout the process of moving from Honduras to Panama the service was excellent.
  • Customer 5

  • Phone: (507) 322-0747
  • Telefax: (507) 322-0745
  • Address: centro logístico llano bonito
  • Juan díaz, calle 1 b sur, bodega #12
  • e-mail: ventas@panamapir.com