Corporate moving services

PIR has participated and executed projects of moving goods, furniture and office equipment, commercial rooms, factories and industries and the like effectively.

To be successful in all these operations, we provide technicians in logistics and transport, from technical inspection, through the execution of the project to its completion. We provide support and advice in all stages, trying to identify in advance the real needs of all the sectors involved in the project.

The human capital of PIR is highly specialized for packaging and unpacking operations, loading and unloading, assembly and disassembly of furniture, as well as night operations to maximize the useful time of your company.

Support is provided by management, supervisors or coordinators during all phases of planning and execution, ensuring the security of goods, strict compliance with deadlines and customer satisfaction. We have professionals specialized in packaging, unpacking, loading and unloading and all other services offered.


We offer full coverage door to door and against all risks, from the moment our packers start the service in your company, until the last piece is delivered in its place. To facilitate the removals and the operation of the corporations, PIR plans and executes the work on "non-productive" dates to generate the least impact during working hours. At your convenience, we also reorganize your office equipment within the same floor or address.

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