International moving services

For moves from Panama to anywhere on the planet or from anywhere to Panama, you can contact PIR and we’ll handle all necessary documentation and customs clearances at the origin and destination, for sea, air or land transportation, packing and unpacking. We take care of everything until delivery at the destination


Consider the following: In Panama, the personal effects used do not pay taxes as long as the client helps us with a document requested by the Customs Authority. In order to enjoy that privilege, it will depend on the migratory status with which the client enters the country. Customs has this classification of registered migratory status and depending on the status of the client, we would ask for the documents to nationalize their move.

These are the migratory classifications currently held by the government:
  • Foreign Citizens coming to work in Panama
  • Foreign citizen investor
  • Retired Foreign Citizens (Pensioner)
  • Foreign Diplomatic
  • Panamanian Citizen Returning to Panama

Approximate time of approval of tax exemption (customs procedure 2-4 business days).

Unauthorized items to Enter the Country in the Move

  • Food, alcoholic beverages are unauthorized items to enter the country on the move.
  • New Electronic Appliances or any new item. (they pay taxes)
  • In the case of Arms and Ammunition, you must obtain permission to enter them.
  • Cars, motorcycles and motor boats - as well as boat engines - are not governed by these standards.   
  • Medicines, pornographic material and tools.
  • We always recommend verifying the necessary documents for the shipment of personal property before they are shipped in the country of origin.


We offer full coverage door to door and against all risks, from the moment our packers start the service in your company, until the last piece is delivered in its place. To facilitate the removals and the operation of the corporations, PIR plans and executes the ¨non-productive¨ to generate the least impact during working hours. At your convenience, we also reorganize your office equipment within the same floor or address.

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